• Team


    Richard graduated magna cum laude with a BA and BS from Tufts University and was awarded a Watson international fellowship. He studied urban planning at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen –and subsequently earned a Masters degree from UC Berkeley. Richard is Chairman of the board of a leading award winning California business magazine, Comstocks, .He has been a successful real estate property developer and international travel writer and has been an adviser to governments and institutions of higher learning. Richard has served on the boards of numerous art organizations in Northern California.

    Vice President

    As the proprietor of a media and public relations company in Vancouver, Pam has played an instrumental role in the introduction of Canada’s “city of glass” on the Pacific to newsrooms around the world, and, no easy task this, around the metropolis she calls home and across the country. As a champion of “green” residency and a pioneer of new-media publicity campaigns, Pam has been a frequent media presence, in print and on air.


    Veteran journalists who craft and sponsor stories across media platforms are preciously few. Bob is one of those few, a print reporter and editor and a broadcast reporter and producer. His abilities have generated assignments around the world, most recently to Italy, Brazil and China to prepare Canada, and Vancouver, for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

    Graphic Design

    New media, old media, the relationship of reader and writer and listener and broadcaster is mediated and managed by designers like Karolyn. Their figurative progenitor is the Renaissance type-caster; they are mechanically and artistically proficient; and their management of the relationships entrusted them is best professed when it is least professed.

    Advisory Board Member

    Currently serving as Managing Director Executive Education of U.C. Davis Graduate School of Management, before that, at Watermark, formerly the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives, Wendy has energized leadership development in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years. Her current work at Executive Education puts world-renown scholarship and expertise in front of business and government executives in classroom settings. Wendy has held a variety of senior roles including senior vice president at LexisNexis Group and managing director of London-based Sweet & Maxwell Group, a legal division of the Thomson Corporation.

    Advisory Board Member

    Lawyer, author, and business executive and owner, Denis has most recently contributed to the re-invention of two of world journalism’s marquee brands, Thomson and Reuters, as online-information depositories and providers. His work, on behalf of Thomson, at westlaw.com resulted in an Internet company generating $1.8 billion US in annual revenues. Denis makes his home in Minneapolis, Mn.