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    “World news delivered to enrich, transform and inspire the world community”

    The primary goal of trueHUEnews is to educate the reader on the important stories impacting the world at large.

    Whether the news story of the day concerns global warming, corporate social responsibility, job creation, the role of government, global issues or international conflicts, frequently only part of the story is being told and then often from a self-serving politically correct vantage point.

    TrueHUEnews with its globally aware cutting edge technology team plans to play a role on the global stage challenging and augmenting these biases in order to present the reader with the other side(s) of the story.  Whether the story of the day is being delivered from the right of center, left of center, or from the European, U.S., or South American perspective, trueHUEnews along with its network of on the ground sources will present substantial vetted stories alongside stories of the day that reflect equally valid perspectives from the other side.

    Our goal will be to introduce a healthy more reasoned more balanced perspective from which the reader can extract his own opinions and conclusions.  In essence trueHUEnews will become the “go to” intelligently global news site where those in the know will come to gather and peruse worldwide opinions of the day.

    Currently educated readers wishing to be informed on the issues of the day find themselves perusing numerous online newspapers and magazines in the US, Canada, and England as well as publications further afield in order to capture some sense of a balanced multi-perspective news vantage point.

    This is a time consuming enterprise and often even for the most diligent reader important stories from the other side are frequently missed as they appear in out of the way publications and journals.

    Our goal at trueHUEnews will be to attract those individuals in search of in depth news from an international and unbiased perspective. We will deliver this extensive news coverage in what will be a “one stop shop” for those seeking to be in touch and up to date with our multi-dimensional and increasingly interconnected world.